Shop & Drop

The new pedal-powered same-day delivery service for Bury St Edmunds

Information for shoppers

Get your shopping delivered for £2
EcoCarriers BSE can deliver shopping bought from the town centre (including by phone or online) to anywhere in Bury for just £2, Monday to Saturday.

How it works
Pay for your shopping in the usual way, and ask the store or market stall to arrange a Shop&Drop delivery. (Look out for the Shop&Drop logo in the window of participating businesses.) Leave your delivery address and contact details for the shop to pass on to EcoCarriers, who will collect the items after 2pm and deliver to you by 6pm that afternoon. Our rider (we deliver everything by bicycle or e-cargobike) will collect payment from you on delivery – cash or card.

Note: some businesses have decided to absorb the delivery cost themselves, so there’s no charge for the customer – check when you ask for delivery.

Also note: Marks & Spencer have adapted their ‘Collect by Car’ service to participate in Shop&Drop. Pay for your shopping at one of the traditional cashier checkouts (with the conveyor belt) and tell the cashier it will be collected by bike as a Shop&Drop. The cashier will tell you what you need to do, which is to contact EcoCarriers BSE before 2pm and book your delivery. We’ll need your address and the Collect by Car reference number that is printed on your receipt. Pay the rider on delivery – cash or card.

Terms and conditions apply – see below – but we’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible. So long as the items fit into a 35l crate and can be easily carried by one rider, it’s £2 to any address is Bury, and £4.50 to one of the surrounding villages. If we are collecting for you from more than one shop, it’s £1 extra per pickup. If it’s two crates’ worth it’s £2 + £2 etc.

About EcoCarriers BSE
We are a community business that is owned by members of the community (see here for how to become a member and support us), and we are not-for-profit. All our trading surplus is used for community projects such as the school Bike Train, the Bike Library and our work with Still Good Food.

By using bicycles in place of cars for local journeys and encouraging others to do the same, we aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make a constructive contribution to tackling climate change.

Information for businesses

Delivery service for town centre businesses including the Weds and Saturday market
EcoCarriers BSE provides same-day deliveries from participating businesses to anywhere in Bury for just £2. We will collect after 2pm, Monday to Saturday.

How will it work?
Your customer makes a purchase and requests delivery. You take the address and contact details, put the item in a safe place for collection by us, and let us know you have it. We then collect the item after 2pm and deliver it, and take payment from the customer on delivery. In most cases the cost to the customer will be £2 – but see our terms and conditions (we charge more for big/heavy items, and for addresses out of town).

What do businesses need to do?
Our Bury St Edmunds, West Suffolk Council, Suffolk County Council and EcoCarriers BSE will market the scheme and promote your business as participating. It means you can offer your customers same day delivery for £2 (in most cases), and help them to support local businesses and reduce their carbon footprint. If you don’t currently offer sales by phone or online, this is something you may want to consider.

EcoCarriers BSE will collect payment for the delivery directly from the customer; you simply need to note their address, and let EcoCarriers know before 2pm by phone/email/WhatsApp you have an item for delivery that day.

Participating businesses include:

  • Marks and Spencer
  • St Edmund’s Butchers
  • Humphries Butchers
  • Léa
  • Clear to Sea
  • Sewing Studio
  • Bohemia
  • Denny Bros
  • Shabby Shack
  • Saffron Launderers & Dry Cleaners
  • Vino Gusto
  • Shoephoric
  • Gerald Boughton
  • Crumbs
  • Mr Shoes
  • Loft & Spires

How do we join the scheme?
Tell EcoCarriers BSE you wish to participate, and we will talk to you about any requirements you may have (eg special packaging) and give you all you need to get started. There is no charge. 01284 413441 or [email protected]

Terms and conditions

Note: the scheme is a trial, and these terms and conditions may change as the scheme develops.

To keep the pricing as simple as possible, a standard same-day delivery to anywhere in Bury (zone 1) is £2. For Zone 2 it’s £4.50 (see map below). Standard deliveries will fit into a supermarket crate as pictured (house bricks for reference).

If the item(s) take up two crates it’s 2 x £2 and so on. Items that require a (cycle) trailer will cost £12. These prices assume one rider can comfortably handle the item in terms of its size and weight.

Delivery area
There are two delivery zones – see map.
Zone 1 is Bury St Edmunds including Moreton Hall, Lark Grange and Marham Park.

Zone 2 is the edge of Zone 1 to surrounding villages including Gt Barton, the Fornhams, Nowton, Horringer and Westley.

Same day delivery
EcoCarriers BSE will collect items for delivery that day from 2pm (Mon to Sat). It may be possible to take items later than this but generally 2pm is the cutoff. Businesses must book the delivery with EcoCarriers before 2pm (by phone, email or WhatsApp message), stating the delivery postcode.
The items must be ready for collection at 2pm.

EcoCarriers BSE will collect the delivery fee from the customer (cash, card or bank transfer). There is no cost to businesses for this service.